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Hunan GL Technology Co., Ltd. (Hunan GL) is 19 years experienced leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables & accessories in China which is located in Changsha, Hunan, the hometown of the great Chairman Mao. GL provides one-stop service of research-produce-sale-logistics for more than 170 countries all over the world.


Hunan GL Products
Fiber Optic Cable Products
Hunan GL is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of various optical fibers products, include OPGW cables, ADSS cables, FTTH flat drop cables, Aerial installation cables, Duct installation cables, Direct buried installation cables, Air blowing installation cables, Anti-rodent cables, and other series accessories.
Fiber Optic Series Products
Hunan GL provides Fiber optic assemblies can be roughly divided into splitters, patch cords, pigtails, fast connectors, adapters, etc. Such products are generally used in data centers and processing optical fibers in fiber distribution boxes, which have high requirements on factory equipment and production lines.
Cable Manufacturer & Solutions
Contact us today for your free project analysis and for more information on our fiber cable products. Hunan GL will offer you a cost-effective, robust solution to make your project a timeless success. We will be your reliable overhead optical fiber cable product partner. No matter if you are located in Europe, Asia, North America, or anywhere else in the world, Hunan GL is here to help!
  • For Operator


    We ensure to offer our operator customers high quality products on time and good after-sales services to match their projects requirements.
    1. 20+ production lines to match mass requirements and to ensure the reasonable lead time.
    2. competitive prices, fast production times 3. Put customers’ information on products by tooling or stickers to match customer’s customized requirements.
  • For Wholesaler


    We ensure to offer our wholesaler customers one-stop service.
    1. Provide the complete products for different FTTH ODN total solution.
    2. 100% factory direct price.
    3. We provide ODM or OEM service.
    4. We can offer the technical support to contractor for the project design.
  • For ISP


    We ensure to help our Internet service provider customers complete project on time.
    1. We provide ODM or OEM service.
    2. We can offer the technical support for the engineering project.
  • For Engineering Company


    We ensure to help our Engineering customers complete project on time.
    1. Implementation of new technologies and communication resources.
    2. We provide ODM or OEM service.
    3. We can offer the technical support for the engineering project.
    4. We can offer the engineering design for free.
Hunan GL's Professional Design Teams Provide Customized Services for Your Needs.
About Hunan GL
HUNAN GL was founded in 2004 and have more than 18 years of development history. It is a leading and experienced ofc manufacturer and seller in the cable industry. Over the past years, our cables have established an extensive sales network around the world. GL cable company opened up markets including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, the United States, and Europe.

GL's two factories currently have the following equipment: 18 sets of coloring equipment, 8 sets of secondary plastic coating equipment, 12 sets of SZ layer twisting equipment, 12 sets of sheathing equipment, 6 sets of FTTH drop cable production equipment, 6 sets of OPGW optical cable equipment, and 1 paralleling equipment, among many other production auxiliary equipment. Presently, their annual production capacity for optical cables has reached 8 million core-kilometers, with an average daily production capacity of 25,000 core kilometers. They can produce various types of indoor and outdoor optical cables, including ADSS, GYFTY, GYTS, GYTA, GYFTC8Y, air-blown micro-cable, etc. Specifically, the daily production capacity for common cables like micro cables can reach 300 kilometers per day, the maximum daily production capacity for drop cables can reach 1,200 kilometers per day, and the daily production capacity for OPGW can reach 150 kilometers per day.
  • Corporate Mission

    With the brand spirit of people-orientation, the sustainability of life, and developing the legends of lights, Hunan GL insists on continuation, sublimation, integrity, and win-win cooperation. We are striving to fulfil the responsibility for environmental protection.

  • Corporate Vision

    The continuation is not only for the culture but also a momentum for us to move forward. We are striving to be a world-leading brand in the fiber optic field.

  • Core Values

    Opening-up, harmony, pragmatism, and innovation

  • Company Quality Policy

    Full participation, technological innovation, continuous improvement to pursue 100% customer satisfaction.

"Hunan GL offered prompt, professional service and their customized service impressed me a lot. I will continue to trust Hunan GL formidable technical team."

Eduardo Kuperstein
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